Sunday, 1 July 2007

Remote Scanning Application for USB Connection

1 Introduction

For years technical integrators have struggled with installing different brands of scanners on a single network and letting users share those scanners in the same way that they share printers or MFP. People working at their own computers want to share any network scanner – scanning and importing directly into their own applications.
However, Samsung Electronics has the Network Scan software for supporting scanning work process under the network environments. But it does not support the connection of the scanner that is working with USB devices because Network Scan software did not implement with Twain interface. Therefore, it is required the Scanning software which is implemented with Twain interface and it also works web application so that user does not need to install application for scanning process because it can work with web browser.
1.1 Purpose
This document aim in specifying the “Remote Scanning Application for USB connection” developed for OJT Project in S/W 1 Lab. The document defines requirement specifications such as the project scope, purposes and the overall description. It also contains a user interface, functional, operational, other project issues that can be helpful in understanding the software requirement.

1.2 Scope

The title of this project is a Remote Scanning Application for USB connection that consists of three parts: the first part is a scanning management system which is for providing network web scan service to the user, the second part is user management system and the third part is folder management system.
This application supports Multi-User Connection System with Samsung MFP models of working class. The application is based on web environment that request web server and Database. But development of web server and Database for the application is out of this project. Therefore, the project is restricted only web application.

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